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Selling a Home and Buying a Home in the Historic Phoenix, Downtown Central Phoenix or Metro-Phoenix Areas With Laura B.

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Selling your home or Buying a new home is a very important personal, financial and LEGAL transaction whether you are an experienced buyer and seller or not. For most sellers, the goal is to sell for the highest possible price for as much as the market will bear, and, within a reasonable timeframe. For most Buyers, spending as little as possible while obtaining as much as possible is one of many important keys. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a Realtor. Here are just a few things you can expect from me:

Top 10 Reasons to Buy and/or Sell Your Historical Phoenix Home or Metro Phoenix Home or Property With Laura B.

10. You can count on my support and my team’s support throughout the process. I will be in constant communication with you, keeping you informed of marketing efforts, pricing feedback and suggestions to improve presentation when selling. When buying a home, you will have unprecedented support and communication throughout the entire process as well.

9. You can trust me to keep your confidential information confidential. Discretion is extraordinarily important in real estate transactions for many reasons. Sloppy remarks may decrease your leverage and place you in a weaker negotiating position. Overall, I simply respect discretion.

8. You can rely on my negotiating experience and ability combined with my extreme knowledge of Real Estate Law. This is one of THE most important parts of the process, and one of my personal favorite parts. Negotiating is an art. It’s knowing when to give and when to take, and how much or how little. It accounts for making or breaking a deal and its points should be discussed together while making sure all legal aspects are thoroughly covered.

7. You can have confidence in my expert and detailed contract writing; the paperwork throughout the buying or selling process and my ability to see to it that your transaction closes. Closing procedures can be complicated sometimes. I do not allow ambiguous proposals to stand. Every little detail is thought through, put in writing that is accurate both clearly and legally. Mistakes and misunderstandings can cause a rocky transaction and leave loopholes. I do not leave loopholes...EVER!

6. You can rely on my knowledge in historic home properties and all dwelling types. Selling and buying a historic home is certainly not the same as selling or buying a newer home. If selling, I can promote all the incredible features that make your home stand out while providing information on structural types and value and so much more. If buying, I can point out all the features that bring real VALUE to the home you might be interested in buying ... or not!

5. You can rest assured that myself, my Title & Escrow Officers, my Home Inspectors and Engineers, my Appraisers and my Broker will avoid liability. We know the laws. We work ethically. We are well aware that your Agent's words and actions could incur liability for you and for us. I have proper E&O insurance, and know how to avoid negative consequences. Additionally, I have a huge base of licensed contractors that can thoroughly inspect your prospective home.

4. If Selling, you can cancel your listing agreement at any time.  When buying with me, if you don't like my services, you can play Donald Trump and fire me! I believe so strongly in my services and want to do what’s best for YOU. You can expect directness and honesty with me to the utmost degree. In all dealings with clients and other parties, I offer, and expect to receive, honesty, respect and trust.

3. You can plan on working directly with me on a daily basis, and, I will be there for you after the sale. SO many agents just close a deal and you never hear from them again. I plan on building a long-term relationship with you to help you in any other consulting you may need or want after our transaction. I end becoming friends with my clients and sustaining that friendship long after the transaction has ended. I am easily reachable and accessible and am involved in every aspect of your deal. I also act as the catalyst for information and communication with ALL aspects and people involved in your transaction.

2. You can count on a stress-free transaction. I am not pushy, and want you to know all your options that are going to best suit YOUR needs. I do whatever it takes to make the total process and transaction smooth and simple. I take any burdens. You can count on me to never pass them along to you.

And the Number One Reason to Buy and/or List Your Historic Phoenix, Downtown Central Phoenix or Metro Phoenix Home With Laura B.

1. Because she’s honest, understands LAW, she's ethical, she has integrity, she's anal about all details, she is extraordinarily hard-working and she is FUN!

Together, we will sell your home for as much as the market will bear, and, do so as quickly as possible, and/or, buy your new home for as little money as possible while getting more than what you paid for!

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